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The Connected Universe ~ watch party & discussion

Zoom gathering coordinated by Jeanine DuBois

Friends, this event is for those who delight in joining us in...

~ watching The Connected Universe film

~ learning and sharing about the Unified Physics of Nassim Haramein

~ supporting intentions arising out of our interconnection & uplifted possibilities

~ enjoying connecting with a lovely group of people as we share on this topic

Below the logistics I put some images related to the film & Nassim's Unified Field Physics. If you click the image, you'll go to the original link. Enjoy!


I will show my copy of the film that I own

but / and it is Very Important to Me that we honor the 

beautiful and dedicated efforts of Director Malcom Carter,

and lifelong study of Nassim Haramein into Unified Field Physics.

I am counting on everyone to either own or rent the film,

so film originators receive our financial gratitude for their work.

This is the integrity of how I roll, so thank you for...

Renting or purchasing the film here

Rental gives 1 week viewing, in case you might like to re-view or share with family or friends in your home.

Duration of our gathering: 2.5-3 hours (film is 1 hour 38 minutes)


Please arrive 8-11 minutes before start:


I'll plan another watch party & discussion

after Nassim Haramein's 2022 paper is published, 

so feel free to join us again 

or for the first time!


Our March gathering was wonderful!


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Thx for RSVP. Watch for email with Zoom link from

Looking forward to our watch party & discussion!

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