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Light is light… I mean light-weight!

Mmmm… feeling filled with Light

Perhaps you remember such a moment…

~ sharing a loving sentiment with a friend, joy-filled smiles

~ watching sunset beauty, peacefully present

~ singing a happy song

~ dancing, light on your feet

~ sitting in nature, feeling grounded, rested, grateful

~ waking to birdsong and morning light

~ drifting asleep to a gentle chorus of nature sounds

~ holding a baby, sparkling with joy

~ glowing with a loved one’s delighted accomplishment

~ riding a bike, refreshed by the wind

~ walking along a river, lake, or ocean waves

~ discovering seeds first sprouting

~ enjoying delicious aromas of a fresh cooked meal

~ unwinding thru energy session, body work, acupuncture

~ mindfully gardening, washing dishes, doing laundry

~ delighting in a project wonderfully unfolding

~ soaking in a silky warm bath

~ honoring wisdom

~ holding a loved one in your heart

~ feeling jazzed over a new beginning

~ celebrating happy endings

Perhaps like me, you are feeling lighter, more at ease just reading and thinking of such beauty. And here’s the thing… are you also feeling lighter weight? Do you feel as if you could float?

Many times I have noticed how words reflect more than we might realize. The word enlightenment could mean light within. Encourage may mean to give heart; coeur in French is heart. When is responsibility our response-ability? I love spelling beautiful as BeYouToFull. What’s more beautiful than being our True Self?

Recently, while facilitating my Free To Be The-Blessing-Of-Me workshop, one of the folks said “Light is light!” Meaning light is light weight. Hmm… Didn’t we just feel that?

The funny thing is, I’ve experienced it. Several times! I mean, with numbers to show for it!

The first time was a few years back. I had been going through some painful feelings. As usuaI, I had weighed* myself the day before. The next morning, after doing some TAT® to release stress, fears, and limiting beliefs, I weighed myself. I was 2.5 pounds lighter. Really? In one day without modified eating? That’s when I started to wonder.

Two times since then I felt deep emotional pain, the kind that “weighs heavy on your heart”. I remembered the earlier experience, so I weighed myself: before doing TAT** when I was feeling the weight of my pain and then afterwards, when I was feeling light and peaceful. Seriously… I was 1, 2 pounds lighter in an hour or so. Now That was intriguing! And today I participated with TAT founder Tapas Fleming in following along with a 10 minute quick TAT experience. I had weighed myself before, and again 30 minutes later. I weighed 0.5 pound lighter. I checked 2 times before and 3 times after to make sure the scale was accurate!

So, what does this mean? The first thought might be to do your own evidence based research with yourself. See what you notice. Try it a few times, particularly while you’re feeling heavy-hearted and then after when you’re feeling peaceful and light.

Of course, where else you go with this is up to you.

Perhaps you’ll be encouraged to soak in and celebrate those moments filled with Light. Maybe you’ll add more Light moments to your day and week. I remember back when I was teaching school and feeling quite stressed with an intense schedule. I made myself a deal that every morning and every night I would sit on my deck and listen to the birds for 1 minute. Those fully present relaxed 2 minutes a day were transformative. Life was so much more enjoyable, even more doable.

And considering the underlying meaning of words, maybe you’ll notice deeper meanings, you could say hidden in plain sight. You might find yourself considering their impact. For instance, the word information. Does that really mean that the information we attend to is actually forming us within? It's certainly guided me to choose carefully where and how I gain my information, and what’s my response-ability. The challenges and concerns of this time eventually led me to Finding Grace in the Now.

And when someone refers to the greatest weapon being love, I immediately translate that into the greatest resource is love. The other makes no sense.

Here's a few more words to Shine Light on:

Luminescence ~ like the glow of luna, the moon

Harmony ~ peaceful, like all the notes in a song “playing well together”

Disintegrate ~ to be no longer integrated

Epigenetics ~ above genetics

Renaissance ~ re-birth

Question ~ on a quest

Synchronicity ~ when things sync up together

Inspiration ~ spirit or breath within

What might you add?

So whether enLightening your life or exploring your words, I hope this leaves you feeling UpLifted.

And it would be deLightFul to have you join us for Free To Be The-Blessing-Of-Me.

~ Loving possibilities from Jeanine


* Normally I weigh myself once in the morning, a reality check.

** Tapas Acupressure Technique,TAT, and TATLife are registered trademarks of TATLife, Inc. and used with permission.

by Certified TAT Professional and Trainer Jeanine DuBois


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