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Cherry Blossoms

Possibilities that might draw you to participate...


~ Some desire, project, or way of being is germinating and ready to sprout

~ You welcome turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones

~ You’re feeling something's around the bend for you, and seeking clarity

~ You're ready to free yourself into the next phase of your life

~ You welcome acceptance, healing, reframing to support unfolding possibilities

~ You realize: I’m ready to be and experience the Presence and Light of TrueMe

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos
Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Together we'll experience these empowering resources...


~ addressing a personally chosen theme or aspect of my life each week (3 in total)

~ brief writing or drawing

for personal clarification (prompts provided upon registration; brief time during workshop)

~ being Present with impact and possibilities of "this time" related to our desire

Workshop series over Zoom (not recorded) includes:

preliminary info / Q&A / sharing about one of the 3 methods (see below)

~ 2 short breaks each session, allowing for flow in timing

~ experiential portion builds, adding a new method each week (see below)

~ Day 1 TAT® (Tapas Acupressure Technique®) ~ Intro & experiential

TAT allows us to to find peace and ease in our true being, as Presence connects us each with our TrueSelf, naturally dissolving overlays of distress or dis-ease.

1A for those new or relatively new to TAT® ~ date TBD

intro includes explanation of TAT® process & background.

1B for TAT® Pros & those skilled in TAT ~ date TBD

intro includes TAT Professional discussion of varied wording of steps and of CASE STUDIES

TAT Pros who prefer can register for Day 1 as a single-day workshop.

~ Day 2 (date TBD, all participants)

Sync-ing With Our Divine Blueprint ~ Intro & experiential

experiential includes TAT

In gratitude, presence, and love, we connect with our being and Sync with our Essence Template.
First guided to do this in 2010, it contributed to Jeanine regaining all her peripheral vision after glaucoma. Jeanine will guide us thru this. It's sweet, easy, and empowering.

~ Day 3 (date TBD, all participants)

Boomerang Blessings ~ Intro & experiential

experiential includes TAT and Sync-ing With Our Divine Blueprint

Blessings boomerang back thru ancestral lines and forward to bless us all. Divine Grace angels taught Jeanine this process in 2011. Since then, Jeanine has witnessed powerful healings, including physical, emotional, relational. Especially precious to Jeanine was a family member recovering from a serious decades-long health condition.



Love to have you join us!


2.5 hrs on 3 days = 7.5 hrs

next date TBD ~ Contact Jeanine to be notified of next offering

Day 1 features two options:

1A~minimal or no TAT® experience date TBD

1B~TAT Pros or skilled TAT experience date TBD

Days 2 and 3 include all participants:

Day 2 date TBD, Day 3 date TBD

Registration Rates for all 3 days


$288 Standard Rate

$244 reduced rate options:

EarlyReg when registered by date TBD

BuddyReg starts date TBD (list registering buddy's name)

The # of participants is limited to an optimal group size.

A portion is donated to these empowering programs:


sharing information and implementing leading edge solutions to planetary concerns

related to food, energy, housing, water, waste, economics, health and consciousness

Jeanine loves their Thursday Movie Nights with enlightening, inspiring discussions!

Global Health Education from Dr Zach Bush

Dr Zach Bush and expert panels bring forth free and accessible information

about regenerative health and food systems, intending for all of us to find synergy 

in knowledge, passion, and purpose to elevate the trajectory of humankind

Jeanine loves learning from brilliant, heart-wise Dr Zach and colleagues!

Jeanine DuBois facilitates

our gathering via Zoom


Since 2003, Jeanine has supported individuals and groups to find peace and ease in their true being, as Presence aligns us each with the blueprint of our TrueSelf, naturally dissolving overlays of distress or dis-ease.


She is a certified TAT® Trainer and practitioner of biofield balancing and harmonizing techniques. Many times the methods we'll use have resulted in the simply miraculous that's available to us in every moment. Jeanine is grateful and honored to offer this transformative experience.


–> Carefully reading and completing Jeanine's Info and Release <–

is a prerequisite to participate in any of Jeanine’s offerings.

To be notified of offerings, please sign up for Jeanine's Newsletter bottom of page.

Free To Be The-Blessing-Of-Me
Honoring a Deep Desire For Our Highest Good,
Supporting Our Path Forward
Through individualized sessions and group events,
Jeanine acknowledges our shared guidance,
drawing on resources...

Certified TAT® Trainer / Professional (Tapas Acupressure Technique®)

Releases stress and limiting beliefs, allowing greater ease as our TrueSelf shines through.

IN 2009 Jeanine was 1 of 3 TAT Trainers in this study on maintaining weight loss, thru
Kaiser Permanente and National Center for Complementary & Integrative Health (NCCIH)

Boomerang Blessings*

A powerful and sweet method which

heals, uplifts, and opens new possibilities.

Blessings boomerang back thru ancestral lines

and forward to bless us all.

Jeanine facilitates TAT as a preliminary process.

Relaxing into Presence and Awareness

Key in Jeanine's work, Presence supports our TrueSelf

to surface and to be set free of overlays of distress.

These simple methods help us recognize our experience

and freely choose life-enhancing possibilities.

Communicating with Our Bodies*

Methods Jeanine has developed thru following
spiritual guidance, observation, and experience...

Transformational Gratitude*

Often listening and talking with respect and gratitude to our bodies creates amazing possibilities of internal communication, balance, harmony, and well-being.

Generally done with TAT.

Sync-ing Up with Our Divine Blueprint*

Assists our body to easily shift into enhanced functioning.

In gratitude, presence, and love, we talk with our body,

and we invite it to sync with our Essence template.

Often done with TAT.

Biofield Techniques

Methods which balance & harmonize
body / mind / energy systems, inluding...

Healing Touch

Jeanine gratefully uses this amazing resource

especially before and after surgery.

20+ years research show notable

reduction of pain and recovery time.

Endorsed by American Holistic Nurses Assn.


Japanese Traditional Usui System of Energy Healing.

Jeanine is certified thru Level II Reiki,

more often using Healing Touch.

BodyTalk Access™

Jeanine uses this simple, effective resource

as an adjunct with other biofield techniques.

Work with animals

Various techniques used to restore

ease & well-being, including...

Healing Touch for Animals®

Biofield techniques which use energy

and intention to support the

natural healing process.

TAT® / Tapas Acupressure Technique®

Used to release stress, enhance communication,

and support the animal to be his or her

true amazing self.

Animal Communication

Jeanine communicates with animals
to support a process for well-being

and to enhance understanding

between the animal and his or her family.

Educational Kinesiology

Using neurolymphatic and neurovascular points

may assist balancing and harmonizing the natural flow of energy in and around our system.

Brain Gym® incorporates simple, integrative activities

to optimize possibilities for new learning and

support identified personal goals.

Inspirational Stories, Images, Resources

Inspiring greater sense of possibility, hope, and joy.

Each individual has a right to interpret others' experience, for their own reflection, in a way which honors their personal beliefs and comfort level.

At the same time, we honor and respect others' rights

to their own personal interpretations.

* Developed by Jeanine through spiritual guidance, observation, and experience.

-–> Carefully reading & completing Jeanine's Info & Release <–-

is a prerequisite to participate in any of Jeanine’s offerings.

√ Cancellation policy:

48 hours’ notice appreciated
less than 36 hours ~ payment obligation remains

~ Interconnecting with Community ~

Jeanine is grateful to donate a percentage to valuable efforts

currently featured: SustainabilityNow.Global

sharing information and implementing leading edge solutions to planetary concerns

related to food, energy, housing, water, waste, economics, health and consciousness

Join Jeanine and friends for their Thursday Movie Nights with enlightening, inspiring discussions!

See workshops & Rates page for additional recipients

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