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Rates and Specials
Lighthouse Wide


via Zoom, Skype, Phone

$133 / hour

$188 / 1.5 hours


4-hr pkg (see Plans & Pricing)

$444 / 4-hour pre-paid package (= $111/hr)

Use within 4 months.

+ 45 minutes when used within 4 weeks

(= $94/hr)



*not currently*

$177 / hour

$255 / 1.5 hours

(pkg rate does not apply)

New Client Bonus

+ 15 minutes added to your first session

New Client Referral

+ 15 minutes added to referring client's hour or longer session

Individual Certification Training

for TAT® Professionals

$199 / hour

(package rate does not apply)

Inquire re: Corporate Rates

(package rate does not apply)

See Workshops

for Buddy Rates

Discount when registering

with a buddy by listing

each other's name

√ Cancellation policy:

48 hours’ notice appreciated
less than 36 hours ~ payment obligation remains

–> Carefully reading and completing Jeanine's Info and Release <–

is a prerequisite to participate in any of Jeanine’s offerings.

Interconnecting with Community ~


Jeanine is grateful to donate a percentage to valuable efforts.

Please explore ~ you'll be inspired and empowered!

regeneration supporting health of our nation’s soil, food, people, and planet

founded by Dr Zach Bush, a program of 501(c)3 Project*Biome

Jeanine loves growing, learning, and connecting in their Community network!

awakening people to the possibilities of regeneration

and extraordinary benefits of healthy soil

Thanks to KTG, Jeanine learned regenerative gardening & enjoys homegrown veggies!

Educator & Farmer Amy Milliron with

empowers people to teach future generations of regenerative farmers

in classrooms, home school groups, on farms & in communities

Jeanine loves Amy's brilliance and warm-hearted dedicated focus!


sharing information and implementing leading edge solutions to planetary concerns

related to food, energy, housing, water, waste, economics, health and consciousness

Jeanine loves their Thursday Movie Nights with enlightening, inspiring discussions!

Global Health Education from Dr Zach Bush

Dr Zach Bush and expert panels bring forth free and accessible information

about regenerative health and food systems, intending for all of us to find synergy 

in knowledge, passion, and purpose to elevate the trajectory of humankind

Jeanine loves learning from brilliant, heart-wise Dr Zach & his colleagues!

Earth Conscious Life presents acclaimed film The Need To Grow

"Save the soil. Save the world."

explores opportunities and struggles of challenging status quo with real world solutions

through inspiring stories supported by featured experts

engaging enlightening film The Biggest Little Farm

"barren farmland and a dream to harvest in harmony with nature ...

uncover a biodiverse design for living that exists far beyond their farm,

its seasons, and our wildest imagination.... breathtaking cinematography"

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