Rates and Specials


via Zoom, Skype, Phone

$88 / hour

$133 / 90 minutes


4-hr pkg (see Plans & Pricing)

$333 / 4-hour pre-paid package (= $83.25/hr)

Use within 4 months.

+ 44 minutes additional when used within 4 weeks

(= $70.11/hr)



*not currently*

$133 / hour

$188 / 90 minutes

New Client Bonus

+ 15 minutes added to your first session

New Client Referral

+ 15 minutes added to referring client's hour or longer session

Individual Certification Training

for TAT® Professionals

$155 / hour

(package rate does not apply)

Inquire re: Corporate Rates

(package rate does not apply)

See Workshops

for Buddy Rates

Discount when registering

with a buddy by listing

each other's name

√ Cancellation policy:

48 hours’ notice appreciated
less than 36 hours ~ payment obligation remains

–> Carefully reading and completing Jeanine's Info and Release <–

is a prerequisite to participate in any of Jeanine’s offerings.

Interconnecting with Community ~


Jeanine is grateful to donate a percentage to valuable efforts.

Please explore ~ you'll be inspired and empowered!




a path to soil health and food independence,

empowered by Dr Zach Bush and Seraphic Group, Inc.

Jeanine loves participating in their volunteer action supporter network!

Other inspiring and empowering organizations Jeanine has donated to:


increasing societal awareness about the extraordinary benefits of healthy soil

2025 goals: transition 5000 farmers and train 25,000 leaders

Jeanine learned regenerative gardening and enjoys homegrown veggies and herbs thanks to KTG!


• We inspire, because our children’s future depends on it.

• We teach, because sharing knowledge and hands-on experiences

empowers us in reversing climate change.

• We encourage, because stronger communities are ours to build,

as we practice regenerative agriculture principles together.

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