When we enter Compassion's Doorway...

We honor your True Self and most sincere desires.

Our process may support you in embracing...







and more

Jeanine draws on a variety of methods

to accompany you in the next steps on your path,

always as resonate for you.

Options include

private sessions, workshops, group circles, trainings 

currently only via Zoom, Skype, phone.

Not currently in-person (Portland Oregon USA area)

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About Jeanine
Embracing Life and Simple Miracles

Since 2003, Jeanine has supported individuals, groups, and animals

to find peace and ease in their true being,

as they disconnect from layers of distress and dis-ease.


Jeanine is a TAT® Trainer

and practitioner of biofield balancing and harmonizing techniques.


Jeanine has experienced and observed many examples

of the simply miraculous that's available to us in every moment.

Jeanine is grateful and honored to offer this transformative work.

See Offerings for more specifics.


"Jeanine's love-filled and compassionate heart

and her wonderful authenticity radiate in all that she does."


~ Susan Vos, healing facilitator, spiritual companion,

TAT Professional

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 prior to your first session.

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Please seek assistance and guidance of appropriate health care providers as led.

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