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BeYouToFull Blessings of Now…

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

This, for me, is the blessing of being on the Journey of Intrinsic Health with Dr Zach Bush, our JOIH coaches, our community, and my unfolding TrueSelf.

For decades I have believed and experienced that our body is always doing the best it can for us, and Dr Zach is the first MD I have encountered who can see that, who has faith in that, who created Intelligence Of Nature products that support that internal communication (of our microbiome) and Intrinsic Health. So here in this beautiful community, I am free to be me, to grow, to explore, to soar, and to celebrate BeYouToFull me and you.

In the flowing, weaving river of my life, I’m grateful to be supported beyond the paradigm into the possibility. From looking for what’s wrong into asking my being "What do you need? What will support you right now? How can I celebrate the Miracle of You?"

That process is way more fun and infinitely more empowering. And for me, it also has meant that some of the little child parts of me who didn’t know it was OK to be WhoTheyReallyAre dare to show their grief at not having been seen. And the journey continues, being present with all that is within me and all that is unfolding. Being present with the community and mySelf, I am welcoming connection and joy and possibility. And the bereft parts of me are ever more ready to play, to dance, to sing, to connect. My coach and group members are such a Light of authentic presence. That naturally formed a milieu of loving support. And now I delight in celebrating community on Mondays with Marlene and interacting with WonderFull fellow travelers in this space.

And then there’s the expansive tool kit

First I sampled, occasionally setting aside a tool for when I’m ready. Then I discovered layering to create ease in remembering and incorporating my resources. I love to start my day with stillness and Light, including a few minutes of deep relaxing breaths, followed with a cozy warm bath or shower, capped off with breathing through an invigorating ice cold rinse. (Amazing how I’m plenty warm when I step out of the shower!) My final layer is Dr Zach’s 4-minute workout. If time, followed by a walk in the woods near my home. Our JOIH tool kit is filled with so much wisdom and resources from the 8 Pillars, previewed on Dr Zach Bush’s Journey of Intrinsic Health homepage. Prior to JOIH I literally listened to 100+ hours from Dr Zach, and yet there’s more… so much more through this lovely Journey.

I came in to Journey of Intrinsic Health ready for community and having chosen to get to feeling healthier, more vibrant, in greater balance, with more joyful ease, ready for my next 60 years. I had some things which were bothering me that I didn’t know how to resolve. I’m grateful for my very helpful and knowledgeable naturopath and JOIH, who recognize that supporting health and the presence of our TrueSelf is so much more effective than fighting disease. One of my fav discoveries through JOIH has been the Float Tank. Ninety minutes floating in that Epsom salts bath melts away those lingering pains, relaxes me deeply, and with a weekly float, it has even enhanced my body’s oxygen saturation levels, including oxygenating my cells. I see the shift in my Wellue O2 Ring graphs:

These graphs are from the app that goes with my Wellue O2 Ring:

And I found an amazing article that describes some pertinent roles of magnesium (Epsom salts being magnesium sulfate) just as I am experiencing them:

Hemoglobin’s Oxygen Carrying Capacity Magnesium

I feel so grateful for this year traveling online with my JOIH companions, exploring, vitalizing, celebrating in each now moment. Thank you, Dr Zach, coaches, loving community for bringing

more joy-filled Life to my life!

🙏 Jeanine DuBois


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