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Sharing our JOIH (JOY!) w/ Dr Zach ~ IG Live Replay

What a blessing to share our experiences of empowerment, transformation, being embraced in loving authentic community, enLightened by Living our unique Journey of Intrinsic Health. Imagine what's possible with a foundation of I am a miracle! You are a miracle! We celebrate this knowingness in Love. With deep gratitude for our community, for Dr Zach Bush, for Marlene, for Seraphic Group (Dr Zach's parent company) friends doing magic behind the scenes, and for ourselves and everyone we encounter who allows and welcomes us to share our True Self. There's a vulnerability in receiving, as there is in giving. Thank you! 🙏 Instagram Live with Dr Zach Bush, Careyann, and I blessed our hearts.

Enjoy the replay here: Listening to Careyann, I felt tears of love and grace. Later that night I had a transformative experience, crying over personally feeling so much love in just a few days. This time no sadness or grief mixed in. There was a feeling of “we did good” that has zero to do with any 3D perfection of accomplishment. More like my heart and soul fulfillment of recognizing that, for those 44 minutes, I was doing what I came here for, experiencing, participating in a Portal of Authentic Love. An unexpected "result" was a "soul retrieval" (ala Jan Engels-Smith, Becoming Yourself: The Journey from the Head to the Heart). Some part of me that had not known she could feel that pervasive deep love without sadness for years feeling bereft, that part returned. Whole. ...Willingness, authenticity, and the Light of Love* did that. 🙏 Friends expressed... "Such a lovely journey of healing and grace"

"new paradigm!"

[Dr Zach is] "such a powerhouse... powered by pure heart!" "I wanted to be there for you."

"transformation is holy to witness"

As my day was ending, I saw #shareyourjoih and it sounded like Share yourJOYYY! 💗 OK, did everyone get that before me? It took me 6 months! 🙃 And what a perfect way to end another blessed day.

To further explore this BeYouToFull program, check out Journey of Intrinsic Health. I'd love to see you on Mondays with Marlene!** Celebrating the Light of Love in each of us, 🌟

Jeanine DuBois

* Light of Love is one name I use for God Creator Spirit ~ and for God in all. ** Community Refection Circle


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