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Finding Grace in the Now

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

What a time we’re going through! I have so many different thoughts, reactions, uncertainties that arise. Unprecedented. I look around the world and realize that I know so little of what is really happening, what underlies what I see. And even when I think I know, a week or a month later I may see things differently.

A couple months ago I was trying so hard to figure it out. Truthfully, I wanted answers. What’s really real? Eventually I talked with Divine Grace angels*. For ten years now, they have been a reliable go-to source of wisdom and expansive perspectives. Their sharing and resources bring me back to the truth of my life, our lives, that on some grand scale, we truly are safe, loved, and recognized. And they help me move into that space and into the truth of living my highest intention and most joy-filled life.

I love how simple their perspective can be. Some years back, when I wasn’t feeling well, they suggested I swing, like on a real swing set. Or at least in my glider chair. I could actually feel the lymph moving! Back and forth, cleansing, cleansing. Wow! So simple. So powerful. And… so Joyful!

This time I was expressing all my uncertainties about the world, how I was trying to understand well enough to make solid informed decisions. The angels could see that I was trying so hard to use my head, and it wasn’t working! Nothing made clear sense.

“If right now in this moment, you knew everything, it would all be the same as it is now.” (Divine Grace 5-14-2020) “All things do turn to good for those who choose good. Don’t deny to yourself that you can believe in the AllGood of this.” (5-26-2020)

“all kinds of things are going to be shifting. And one thing that you could remind yourself is that you absolutely don’t know, by looking, what is going to turn out for the good. Just as there are stories, of course, of someone thinking, “Oh this is a tragedy,” but then it prevents a greater possible tragedy. And then when something else happens, it shifts it again. And yet, at each point, something can be judged. [Divine Grace angels recommend avoiding judging or believing in lack.] And in this case, a person, a circumstance can be playing a part totally unconsciously. They can even think they are creating the opposite. Just as those who are openly demonstrating racism [acting racist] are creating a larger wave of people caring more.” (Divine Grace 5-14-2020)

Eventually Divine Grace angels said, “If you want to know what is happening, Everything is happening.” Whoa.

Everything is happening…. There is not just one thing. There is not just one underlying reality. There is not one reality for me to untangle and finally have clarity. If everything is happening, I can’t possibly figure out how I can make it all better. As Divine Grace angels said, “How do you find your part? By What feels natural to you.” To me, they said, “You’re attracted to what has heart.”

Since each soul has their own purpose and experiences here, everything really is happening. It’s not my place to try to prevent someone from their experience. It Is my place to Be Me. It is my place to affirm Highest Intention, Greatest Good, optimal balance. It is my place to speak my truth in my world, even when it is a clearly delineated No. It is my place to say Yes to that which delights my soul… uplifting music like Jason Mraz and IL VOLO, dancing in the sun, growing regenerative organic veggies, connecting with friends, welcoming a new neighbor, offering a grocery run, walking by the river, celebrating nature’s glory, volunteering with and, seeking Light in all. What a difference that makes! I am so much more able to be my best self, to enjoy life and bring hope and joy to myself and those around me.

And… sometimes I hear or see something that takes me back to that place of judgment and believing in lack. Recently I experienced that happening multiple times a day. It was taking me down. In that state, I was useless to others and myself. I was praying for help, feeling quite helpless, when a spark of Light entered my thinking. In that moment, I made a decision…. Every time I think of something that I am judging or feeling lack, feeling hopeless, trapped, afraid, concerned, I will of course take action if there is something I am guided to do. And I will also then and there...

first~ Pray for the highest good of all involved and affected.

To me, that means praying for their safety, that they feel guided for their highest good, supported in following their truth, that they have the resources they need, that they know they are loved.

second~ Visualize something positive related to the situation and the people and creatures involved. It could be anything. I’m not trying to make something happen. I’m turning to the Light and emanating a beautiful, hope-filled possibility into my own thoughts and naturally also into the morphogenic field. I like to do this during my twenty seconds hand washing.

Interestingly, something is happening with this shift in my thoughts. After being overwhelmed reading about treatment of cattle in our food system, I pictured cows in a lovely meadow flapping their tails, chewing their cud, enjoying the sun. That sweet scene brought a smile to my face, and I felt my nervous system ease gently into a calmer space. I was able to go about my day, which included a trip to the nursery for some organic veggies and flowers. On the way home, I missed my turn and ended up going down a road where I saw cows lazily enjoying the sun, flapping their tails, chewing their cud, relaxing in a lovely green field! I have had several such experiences happen within hours of my visualization.

I am so so grateful that I made this decision, that I can shift my day and my contribution to the world in the time it takes to wash my hands. Perhaps the best things in life really are simple.

And I’m grateful that my way of the heart is Embracing Life and Simple Miracles, which includes my biofield work. A favorite offering is Free To Be The-Blessing-Of-Me which honors our deep desire for our highest good and supports our path forward. It includes

~ TAT® for releasing beliefs which no longer serve us,

~ Syncing With Our Divine Blueprint to help our body find its template for optimal functioning,

~ Boomerang Blessings which sends blessings back through our ancestral lines, which then boomerang forward through us and our children and their children.

If you’re curious to check this out, please visit

It would be a pleasure to have you join us.

And as I remember that everything really is happening, I choose to make my part of the everything a shining star, smiling eyes, growing veggies, a dance by the river.

Love and grace to you and your part of the everything,


* Divine Grace angels speak through my friend Peta. You can connect with them through Peta's website


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