Heart-Felt Love Reaching Out

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I'm just taking a moment to acknowledge the love that peeks out, reaches out, touches our hearts in sometimes whimsical, sometimes gut-wrenching ways.

The heart cloud appeared the pivotal moment I learned a friend with stage 4 cancer was going home from the hospital. Returning home gave her hope to go on, to rest in beauty surrounded by grandmother redwoods, nestled with her cat, and supported by her mom.

The kitty kibble which really, I promise I did not touch!... appeared in my cat's bowl on a day when I was feeling grief-stricken soon after a friend's son died. Truth be told, my cat's wet food bowl formed another heart a few days later, but it looked too gross to post!

The other hearts... joyful cosmic winks from Mama Gaia.

Heart-felt blessings,

Jeanine 11-Star DuBois

Embracing Life and Simple Miracles

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