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I Believe... Healing Is the Body's Way

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Back in 2005 I came to believe in the miracle of our body. Beyond miraculous healings here and there, I experienced an awareness that the way we’re made is a beautiful orchestration of Love In Action and that our body is always doing the best it can for us.

Moving beyond the words “spontaneous remission”, I actually believe healing is the body’s way.

I’ve been blessed to experience and witness many healings, some in less than an hour, others over months, some through a prayerful choice, others along with gentle resources. The first was in the 1970’s while I was in college. And one happened a few months ago. You may have heard me tell about it, or you can read it on my blog: “Inflammation Evaporated in 24 Hours!

Sometimes we first remove the impediments to that healing, whether dietary and lifestyle factors, toxic exposure, negative self-talk, or limiting beliefs such as fears, doubts or even daunting news.

Experiencing love and gratitude for our body and all that it does for us every day, year after year, invites rejuvenation. We all love to be told “You’re doing an amazing job!” No less true for our cells, our microbiome, our mitochondria, our stem cells, our energy body…. I’ve experienced direct evidence of this, which I’ll probably share once I launch my podcast on Embracing Life and Simple Miracles. Meanwhile, functional medicine Dr. Mark Hyman said, “your microbiome listens to your thoughts, literally changing the flora in your gut, so things like meditation, very powerful." (Episode 9 of docu-series Interconnected: The Power to Heal from Within) And Divine Grace angels say, “Your cells are listening.”

When we wake up in the morning and welcome the 222 billion or more fresh-faced new cells to the community of our body, we celebrate our natural regeneration. And we encourage our 50-100 trillion cells that they’re not alone; vibrant new helpers are on the way each day.

A few months ago I was blessed to discover the work of triple board certified Dr. Zach Bush. What a joy to hear scientific information from this highly skilled, compassionate visionary who understands and explains the magnificence of our body. As well as ways to rise above toxins and restore our health.

Reaching Out to Uplift Our True Amazing Self

Listening to Doc Zach has inspired me to share my work more widely. In addition to private sessions, I’m offering my workshop Embracing Interconnection within our cells and our universe. Here’s a bit about this lovely experience.

Through a shift in awareness, we access hope, possibility, and greater ease within the very cells of our body and relationship with our world.

I look forward to sharing scientifically validated, paradigm-shifting information as well as true stories of transformations which arose out of the techniques we’ll experience in this workshop. I’ll lead us in TAT® for releasing stresses and limitations which no longer serve us, allowing us to shine ever more brightly the Light of who-we-truly-are. I’ll facilitate and support communication with our cells, microbiome, mitochondria, stem cells, and more. As you know from my blog, that simple process with my microbiome resulted in dramatically reduced inflammation in 24 hours. And I love that many of my aches and pains seem to have melted away, too! We’ll also invite our body to sync up with our Divine Blueprint, a process I was guided to do 7 years ago, which contributed to my recovering all my peripheral vision after glaucoma diagnosis by 2 doctors. Since then, I’ve had more astounding recoveries through Sync-ing up. I love its ease and power.

Embracing Interconnection Info and registration is here:

I'm looking forward to honoring our body's healing way.

Love and gratitude to the Shining Light that you are,

from Jeanine DuBois

Embracing Life and Simple Miracles


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