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Inflammation Evaporated in 24 Hours!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

So, I’ve been talking to my body at various times since at least 2005, when my neuroma healed, in part as a result of that process. (Well, actually, in 1980 I healed from hypoglycemia overnight after talking with my body.) I have been blessed to experience and witness many healings through my life, and as I look back, I realize that communication has always been a part of the healing.

November 28th, 2018 after watching episode 1 of Interconnected (about our microbiome) I had a dramatic experience of healing in 24 hours! When I woke up the morning after episode 1, I did my usual morning meditative prayerful processes, and then I thought hmmm I’ve talked with my body for years, but I’ve never talked with my microbiome. I’m going to do that today. So I did! I’ll share details of what I said at my events .

The night of November 28th I went to put my copper bracelet around my left ankle, as I had done every night for the previous 7.5 weeks. When I got my bracelet on October 7th, I applied extreme force to bend the bracelet so it fit my ankle snuggly. It always fit the same. But not the evening after talking with my microbiome. It was so loose it fell off! I could hardly believe my eyes, so I took a photo. (That's my sock and ankle with the bracelet shown where it used to fit snugly.)

I wrote to my acupuncturist to see if she had done any points for inflammation, and she had not. She had done 1 point to drain damp. 

I pondered this mystery. 

I measured the change in circumference of my left ankle, which was a full inch (from 9 to 8 inches). I noted that the bracelet fit equally loose on my right ankle. I saw that my copper bracelet on my right wrist was also loose. (9 days later I measured that my right wrist circumference had become 1/4 inch smaller, from 6 1/8 to 5 7/8. My wrist bracelet has been getting looser by the day!)

I’m very accurate at muscle-checking, so I decided to ask some questions… Yes the reduction in circumference of my ankle was due solely to reduced inflammation. The acupuncture had contributed 4.3% to the change. The talking to my body and microbiome had contributed 85% to the change! So, after talking to my microbiome (that was the new part) and my body, in less than 24 hours, I had lost an inch of inflammation from my ankle! That was 3 weeks ago, and the inflammation has not returned.

A few months ago I started writing a book on the significance of communication (broadly defined) to our health and healing. My ankle bracelet story is definitely going in the book! 😊

And for anyone who has trouble embracing that talking with our body can make that much difference, functional medicine Dr. Mark Hyman said in Episode 9 of Interconnected: The Power to Heal from Within, “Make sure you deal with stress, because your microbiome listens to your thoughts, literally changing the flora in your gut, so things like meditation, very powerful."

Totally... Very Powerful!

In awe,

Embracing Life and Simple Miracles

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Jeanine 11-Star
Jeanine 11-Star
Jan 01, 2019

33 days later I re-measured my ankle, and I've lost another 1/4 inch of inflammation! It was remaining steady until the last week my ankle bracelet seemed looser still. Sure enough! I'm guessing Dr. Zach Bush's amazing product #Restore may have helped with the most recent 1/4 inch. Even as I continue to have lovely communication with my body, my microbiome, and my mitochondria. The miracle of loving, grace-full communication in various ways. So grateful.

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