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What Is This Leading Me To?

Today I read a wise post by Dr Rashid Buttar on gratitude and seeing the good that comes out of hard times. Dr Buttar speaks of appreciating the Light, embracing gratitude, and recognizing the role of chaos in our own personal evolutionary process of growth. Here is Dr Buttar’s sharing:


Inspired, I felt guided to respond, to add a bit of my own juice that follows a similar path. I hope you find some tidbits here that bless your heart and serve as breadcrumbs for recognizing your uniquely guided path. My response:

Thank you for wisdom, Dr. Rashid!

Following your concepts here, for many years now, when I go through a very challenging time or experience, I have been guided to ask myself, "What is this leading me to that nothing else will get me there?"

In other words, if there were any other way to get where Creator and my highest self wants me to be, then I wouldn't be going through this challenging situation.

Every time, that question has helped me to be at peace and see the good in what is happening, as well as to move more efficiently towards my next step that Creator and my higher self hold for me.

I asked myself the same question this month (9/2020) about the extreme amount of mis-information and confusion, the sense that it's so hard to know what and who, especially politically, is trustworthy. The clear and inspiring answer I got, is that this is leading me into a deeper and even more consistent practice of checking in Moment By Moment for my guidance by Spirit / Creator and my higher self.

If I thought there was someone I could always trust to know, to be right, truthful, and have good motives, would I invest the energy in turning inward to my guidance from Spirit / Creator / my higher self? Maybe not. So... with this level of confusion, I am guided to open myself to Creator's AllGood Guidance for me In The Now. The now is all there is. And eventually the Now rolls around to experiences like you speak of, Dr. Rashid, where I see ahhh yes. This hard time was for my highest good. Once again.

And in my asking, "What is this leading me to that nothing else will get me there?" I am able to more quickly align with that highest good, consistently moment by moment.

I am so grateful for this peace, this guidance, the blessing of free will and free choice, for the empowerment of each child of the Creator to be our TrueSelf. That is, as I see it, why we are here and our greatest gift to ourself and All Life.

With gratitude for dedication to Life and to being in the Flow of AllGood,

Hmmm... Just realizing how well my workshop entitled Free To Be The-Blessing-Of-Me aligns with this concept. It would be a pleasure to see you there.


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