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Regenerative Grace
for Our Heart & Soul

Zoom Circle facilitated by Jeanine DuBois

Friends, this circle is for those who resonate with...

~ centering in

~ honoring ourselves, each other, and our privacy

~ sharing and celebrating Regeneration, which feels like Grace in our lives

~ supporting our intention for ongoing Regenerative Grace

I'm envisioning Regenerative Grace in a broad sense...

~ regenerative gardening and / or ...

~ something we saw, heard, felt, tasted, smelled, experienced, created, imagined that felt regenerative in our being

~ possibly beautiful, inspiring, encouraging, curious, authentic,
transformative, creative, hopeful...

~ perhaps in nature, among friends, family, others, in our larger environment, our own life, at work, in our dreams, in our imagination...

To smile and inspire, below logistics are collages of regenerative memories.


Duration: 88-111 minutes ;-)


Scheduled (Attend one or more. Arrive 8-11 minutes early if possible):


Saturday 9-9-2023
10am PDT   1pm EDT

UTC 17:00 / 5pm

Tuesday 10-10-2023
11am PDT   2pm EDT

UTC 18:00 / 6pm

Saturday 11-11-2023
11am PDT   2pm EDT

UTC 19:00 / pm

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I post times every 3 months, throughout the year.

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Looking forward to our circle!

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