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Accepting Life's Flow

King's Canyon
Jeanine is grateful for this King's Canyon image photographed by her dad

I confess... It's easy to get tangled in thoughts about when I anticipated accomplishing various projects. Feels like being caught in a briar patch. With our culture's tendency towards rigid timelines, going with the flow can be challenging. Honestly, I find myself not wanting to give projected completion dates because Life sometimes redirects those plans. And I find myself feeling Ackh! but I...

Those are the times to stop and breathe. Yes?

I'm remembering decades ago feeling overwhelmed with all I "had to do." A friend suggested I picture sitting down to eat a meal while having all the food I will ever eat in my lifetime right within my view. Even though I love eating good food, I could feel what a momentous task that would be, and yet, one meal at a time...

This month has been such an inward time that my Guidance couldn't bring me to work on projects that involve connecting outwardly. Responsibility often weighed heavily on my mind, but I simply didn't have that true Response-Ability that Divine Grace angels speak of. I was honestly grateful to hear that others were having similar experiences. It helped me believe that they could understand my situation. And I did recognize that we're in Mercury Retrograde, which is known to be an inward time of re-vision.

So, honoring my undeniable reality, one day this week I said to myself, You know you're not going to get those things done today, so just read that book like you've been wanting to. To my surprise, I discovered spiritual concepts in that novel which spoke deeply to my heart. In that moment, my Response-Ability was to that inward growth that had been calling me for days.

Another day I thought, OK, whatever you can be energized to do, do that. It turned out I had a real hankering to plant my veggie starts. I cleaned out my storage shed, washed flower pots, filled them with White Lightning from Dean Innovations in Portland. Oh my gosh, that planting mix is Life itself! I love this description:

"Ideal for organic gardening, White Lightning contains worm castings, mycorrhizal fungi, mineral dust, topsoil, fruit and veggie compost, dairy manure compost, mushroom compost, river sand and horticultural pumice."

What a great start! Parsley, chives, winter savory, spinach, and pea shoots. My deck looks so inviting, and I feel the love of Nature and of my beautiful body as I clip bits of this and that to throw into my plate-sized salad. Yes! Going with the flow ~ far more life-giving than rigid schedules.

Then tonight I found my way to make some needed adjustments on my website and to write this Newsletter. Yes, just 2 days until my next Embracing Interconnection workshop

I'm trusting that those called to participate will find ease in joining us this time or another.

And for those whom I have a recording or other resource to share, may Life's natural timing be perfect. I'm grateful to have a couple new and encouraging resources to share when I send out those communications.

So, I think I'm back in the lap of Trust, which a friend's Reverend Lisa describes as






Ahhh... that's better.

Love and smiles from Jeanine


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