Joyful Grace in every aspect of Doc Zach Bush event

Luminary Farm Danville California Event with Dr Zach Bush, Jenn Perell, and Piatti restaurant

Dr Zach Bush brings deep to-our-core insights about Life, Health, Community, and hope for life on beautiful Mother Earth! It's easy to love ourselves, each other, Mother Earth, and Doc Zach as we experience his heart, wisdom, and paradigm-shifting health-related insights.

Jenn Perell's wisdom, insight, and precious spirit lead us into welcoming the truth-of-who-we-are thru meditation and yoga. Jenn's presence lights up the room.

The Luminary Farm / My Just Be Yoga offers the juiciest beauty, most delightful welcome, and amazing experiences. What an incredible place to experience anything special in life.

Piatti restaurant catered a luscious nutritious dinner with a wonderful theme of fermented foods to match our Microbiome event. Their food felt like Life, Health, Art and hospitality all in one. Their dedication is so apparent.

And much appreciation to WeTravel for making this all easy to arrange and enjoy.

Loving gratitude from Jeanine DuBois

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