What’s up with “11-Star”?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

A few years back I was consulting with a colleague who started talking about the Mayan Sacred calendar, the Tzolkin.

She said about herself, “I was born on ’10 Dog’. My job is to walk others through darkness. You, Jeanine, were born on ’11 Star’. You’re the light at the end of the tunnel!”

Whoa! That gives me chills. It’s absolutely how I approach the world.

Flash forward a couple years. I got to thinking… Perhaps this sacred symbol IN-forms how each of us approaches the world and our life.

My friend Laura faces darkness head-on, a loyal loving dog guiding us through shadowed twists and turns. As she says, I endeavor always to Keep it Real.

In contrast, faced with hard times, I quickly explore “What good may come of this?” In the hardest times, I ask myself, “What is this leading me to that nothing else will get me there?” It’s based on my belief that LovingGuidance is with me through life, so if something particularly painful or difficult is happening, it must be the only way I can get where my soul wants me to be. So there I am, focusing on the Light… at the end of the Tunnel, and often find a shortcut out of dark times.

Take a look here, if you’re curious:


If you read the Tzolkin for your birth date, does it seem to fit you? Does it make you smile or laugh or cry to see your underlying colors acknowledged? Does it give you permission to be you without apology? I hope so!

Did you check the birth date for a friend, family member, or colleague? Are you finding a new respect for their unique flavor? Do they seem less mysterious? Or can you cut them some slack for being who-they-really-are?

Makes me think… Our world would not be the same without you-as-You!

Thanks for shining your unique Light.

In Star-Light and Love,

Jeanine 11-Star

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